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Willow Grove Tree Trail has a number of rare and exotic trees from around the world.

The Tree Trail Leaflet can be downloaded from this website.

The Heritage Trail guides you around the cemetery giving a fascinating insight into Stockport's history and famous characters.

The Heritage Trail Leaflet can be downloaded from this website.


For teachers we have a range of resources to help plan and run outdoor learning lessons and follow on work at Willow Grove.

See Teachers Resources from the menu at the top of the page.

Willow Grove

an outdoor learning resource in Stockport

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Military Trail

The Military Trail gives you insight into the remarkable stories of some of those who gave their lives in the World Wars.

The Military Trail Leaflet can be downloaded from this website.


Childrens Risk Assessment Form

Fun for pupils to fill in and makes them think of the dangers in general

When you go outside the classroom you have the opportunity to transform learning and raise achievement. Learning outside the classroom allows participants to learn in context, to learn by practical engagement, and to learn by personal discovery. They can acquire new skills, work collaboratively with others and develop a better sense of themselves and their potential.


In this section of the website we hope to give teachers of Key Stages 1 and 2 the help and ideas to be able to use Willow Grove as a regular, local outdoor learning resource.

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