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Willow Grove Tree Trail has a number of rare and exotic trees from around the world.

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The Heritage Trail guides you around the cemetery giving a fascinating insight into Stockport's history and famous characters.

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For teachers we have a range of resources to help plan and run outdoor learning lessons and follow on work at Willow Grove.

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Willow Grove

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Military Trail

The Military Trail gives you insight into the remarkable stories of some of those who gave their lives in the World Wars.

The Military Trail Leaflet can be downloaded from this website.


The History of Willow Grove Cemetery

The creation of Willow Grove in 1877, a private cemetery on a former estate of Willow Grove House, arose out of the need to cope with the dramatic population increase in Stockport.  Plots for burial in the existing burial grounds were becoming limited, thus The Willow Grove Cemetery Company was formed and the Willow Grove estate was purchased.


Willow Grove Cemetery was once a thriving concern that had two chapels, greenhouses, workshops and a lodge containing the Registrar's Office.


The first interment at Willow Grove took place in 1877.  John Clarke was appointed as the first Registrar and served in that office as a highly valued and trusted adviser to the cemetery board for forty years.  His memorial and resting place is in Willow Grove as is that of William Henry Chadwick (The Old Chartist) who died on May 28th 1908.


The cemetery is currently managed by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council in Partnership with The Friends of Stockport's Cemeteries, a voluntary organisation working hard to help make improvements in this and all of Stockport's Cemeteries and Burial Grounds.